The research studies the relationship between nature and architecture. The intention is to create architecture, landmarks that people can relate to in the massive scale of the desert. Where the desert is again a place that allows new life possibilities.

The way sand grains sit to shape a fascinating body of sculpted compositions that is nicely viewed is very inspiring. The aim is to transform this lyrical natural scene into a spatial and rhythmical experience.

The design was structured, firstly, around several prototypes, built to investigate the potential ways of applying an adhesive to solidify the structure and therefore the outcome created .The narrative starts when those robots start to move and walk in the desert leaving behind traces. Those traces provide a temporary habitat for people to inhabit and as time passes, the settlements begin to erase themselves going back to their initial state. Due to the time lapse, one undergoes a different experience every time due to the natural build up of the dunes towards the frozen architecture.

Talin To THE DESERT from Talin on Vimeo.

The narrative underlies that these robots keep building settlements as they move where the notion and position of habitat is in constant change relating to the journey of path that is followed by the robots. The project is about constructing a path where the desert starts to build and erase by the factors that are naturally surrounding it. The internal spaces of the frozen structures sit in contrast to its rough external setting. Where it inspect the lighting quality in relation to the grains' density/sparsity over a surface.

During the process of experimentation, one would discover that the potential found in the grain of sand are beyond one’s expectation.

[To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.]