Lithic inspired by the mountains side, specifically the mountains of Khor fakkan.

The piece stems from a folk tale that originates from villages around the mountain chains between Khor Fakan and Fujairah.

The folk tale is called “kahf al daba”: “The creature’s cave” - it is about a mythical creature that occupies a cave in one of the mountains and keeps the villagers away from it. The tale says that the creature takes different forms or is a hybrid of a few animals. A bird-like wings with a dog's features, or a wolf or other creatures. Nothing is solid on that front. Nobody was able to find out. According to the tale, the creature used to sit on the top of the mountain and throw stones at whoever tried to come close to the cave. The villagers tried so hard to get inside that cave but their attempts always failed. However, like most folk tales, the villagers once managed to overcome the creature and the story of the cave creature became a tale the generations heard over and over.

Hazbar decided to translate the “kahf al daba” folktale into a modular system light installation. The choice of light as a function and the stone as a material came to highlight some aspects from the folk tale such as the creature's effect on the location (the interior of the cave and the exterior, the villagers’ curiosity and the beauty of the caves as organic spaces hidden within rigid landscapes.

lithic is made of a modular unit where you can create your own formation. It works as a story telling structure. The units can be adjusted based on what you will like to carry from the story and build your own very own one.

The stories related to the landscape wither it is a mountain, sea, or desert sides hold infinite visuals and moments, which Hazbar is interested to capture in a space.

Through Talin's understanding of the Emirati folktale, She tried to relate to it as an individual by keeping in mind the viewer as part of the narrative. After all its As its part of our culture, to make sure the story circulate and pass on to others even though the story might have different interpretation from each individual as the Lithic piece concept where you own the piece and start relate to it differently because it’s a unit base that will have different set up for each individual.